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 A Note to Past Patrons of the Santaland Express

Due to the large number of Cruise Ships that have approached Dunedin Railways for Cruise Ship Charter Trains this coming Cruise Ship season i.e. 2018/2019 it is unlikely that the Santa Train will run this coming December 2018.

The Otago Excursion Train Trust will be having discussions with Dunedin Railways  about running alternative family orientated trains outside the Cruise Ship season.

Come back to this page for updated news on possible future alternatives.


  The following report is from the OETT Telegraph  on a previous event

Picnic area at Hindon 

 The OETT ran the annual Santa Train to Hindon on 4 December 2016. The weather was fine, there were Christmas decorations, face painting, balloons, bubbles, a clown, lollies, and the opportunity for the children to meet Santa in his new Holiday Home which was a new black gazebo that was quicker to put up by the great advance crew who decorated it fit for Santa who arrived puffing from his morning jog and grateful for a seat.

The train arrived with countless excited children (and excited adults), and a long
line formed with children wanting to meet Santa, and receive a small present. Special thanks to Daphne Buchanan for the presents (buying & wrapping), Santa at Hindon 2016decorations and organisation, Bob Sims as Santa, Brian Crabbe for the gazebo and advance crew & Diane Nader for organisation and bringing 10 face painting young volunteers who helped to make this day memorable for the passengers, and to those OETT members who staffed the train. We thank you all for your enthusiastic help. There has been no negative feedback and we could not have done it any better.