Tunnel Evacuation

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Tunnel Evacuation Exercise Saturday 23rd September 2017 


Dunedin Railways is holding a Tunnel Evacuation Exercise on Saturday 23rd of September 2017.  All operational staff of the company are required to attend this exercise. A special train will be run for this exercise.

Volunteers should also attend this exercise where possible, so please 

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keep Saturday morning  on the 23rd of September free so you can attend. Note also the General Election is being held on this day, as the train is timetabled to arrive back in Dunedin  at 12:30 pm, you will have plenty of time to vote in the afternoon.

This exercise is required under the terms of the Company's  Operating Licence. OETT volunteers taking part in this exercise will gain a better appreciation of the difficulties in evacuating a train load of passengers in a tunnel and will be better prepared if they are ever in a real situation with an unscheduled stop in a tunnel.





 Volunteers please note the following: 

  • Duration of trip,  4 hours.
  • Arrives back at Dunedin Station 12:30  pm.
  • Wear sensible clothing and footwear, tunnels tend to be dank, wet and rough underfoot with poor visibility.
  • Note all trains are required to carry emergency lighting such as torches and glow sticks. These will be deployed during the exercise by train staff.
  • Follow all instructions of the train crew.