OETT Annual General Meeting 2021

Otago Excursion Train Trust AGM and election of officers

It’s that time again for the AGM and the election of the OETT Executive for the coming year.

Date: Tuesday 28th September 2021

Time: 7.30

Venue: McMillan Room Community House 301 Moray Place

These positions are open to be filled by any paid-up members of the Trust. I would encourage anyone within the organisation that has something to contribute to put their name forward for election. We need more people!

The process

What you do;

  • Nomination forms are on the  website,  https://oett.nz/events/annual-general-meeting/ These must be signed by the Proposer the Seconder and the member being proposed. If you don’t know any people within the Trust to approach but want to help call the chairperson to organise the necessary paperwork 021 252 5565. Nominated persons and those nominating must all be paid up members from within the trust. (REF: Constitution Clause VI Sec C).
  • Write a brief no more than 100 word personal profile introducing yourself.

The important dates

  • The nomination form filled out in full and signed by all parties must be in the hands of the secretary by 25th August 2021. This can be ordinary mail or email. E-mail address is secretary@oett.nz.
  • The AGM on September 28th


 Current members

Chairman and Treasurer - Murray Schofield

Vice Chairman - Grant Craig

Secretary- Courtney Kilner

Pat Beman, John Pritchard, Diane Nader, Philip Riley, John Chapman.

Retiring members offering themselves for re-election - Murray Schofield.

Number of vacancies - 3



The Chairman's performance report to the 30th of June can be found on the members only pages on this site. If you can't sign in to these pages it means that you have not provided an email address to the OETT administrator. You can contact the site administrator at this email address admin@oett.nz