Chairman's Report

Chair Report 13.10.2020

Welcome to the 2020/21 Term. Congratulations to those who were successful in their bid to join the OETT Executive. I along with the rest of the executive look forward to working collaboratively alongside you in the new term.

To the members who were retiring by rotation in 2020 but offered themselves for re-election but were unsuccessful in their bid I want to acknowledge both of their contributions.

David Wood

David over the period of time on the executive has been a tireless advocate of the OETT, the immediate past Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and volunteer on innumerable cruise trains and also a very able representative of the OETT as one of the elected Board Members. I thank him for his quiet determination to get things done.

Brian Crabbe

Brian in his term on the executive has been an invaluable person who was always ready to do any task that required to be done. His knowledge of Health and Safety and expertise and calm manner dealing with DR staff and volunteers on cruise ship days often under pressure was greatly appreciated.

To Alan Boyer who was unsuccessful thank you for your interest.

There are many opportunities in the future by utilising and applying everyone’s collective abilities and strengths much will be achieved. I look forward to the cooperation of all executive members.

Murray Schofield