Chairman's Special Newsletter August 2020

5 August 2020.

 Submission on proposal to identify and evaluate options for sustainable utilisation of Dunedin Railways Limited (DRL) assets

 The Otago Excursion Train Trust was instrumental in negotiating to save the line between the 3.5km and Middlemarch in the early 1990’s. The Trust was set up in 1978 to promote rail travel for the people of Otago and until recently had a shareholding in Dunedin Railways and input into decisions made in the business.

 This iconic Dunedin tourist operation should not be sold off piecemeal.  

The assets should be kept together for the benefit of Dunedin and the people of Otago

The goal is to continue to save and run trains on the historic Taieri Gorge Railway.

 We recognize the importance of the line, the history and the efforts of many in the early days of the OETT to the save the train . This includes the General Manager of NZ Railways, Stan Rodger, John Farry, Arthur Rockliff, George Emerson and the many other volunteers and community members who set up a business using the line.

 We endorse the original intention of both the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Excursion Train Trust in starting the business and saving the railway for the people of Otago and the many tourists who have used the train and line in the past.

 We hope you will take this into consideration when making any decisions in relation to Dunedin Railways and the historic Taieri Gorge Railway.


 Resolution of the members of the OETT at a general meeting 5 August 2020



To those who were not able to be present at this special meeting set out above is the resolution that has been sent to the City Councillors, and the Dunedin City Holdings Board.

 Please watch the ODT Letters to the Editor as  our Secretary has taken pen to paper on behalf of the Trust.