Flood Damage in the Taieri Gorge and Subsequent Suspension of Taieri Gorge Train Services.

 The following information has been received from Nikki Ford, Sales and HR Manager Dunedin Railways:

"Firstly, we’ve suspended the Taieri Gorge daily trips as a result of several large slips over the track caused by the torrential rain we had the other weekend. We’ve got engineers coming out this week and our track gang working as fast as they can to get them cleared." (note edited)

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Taioma Road Crossing


This information is published here as some of our members may be interested in taking the opportunity of travelling on replacement services. If you have friends and relations visiting at this time and who may have wished to travel on train services to Pukerangi  or Middlemarch via the Taieri Gorge please acquaint them of possible alternative services on the north line. You can contact Dunedin Railways regarding these possibilities and information on their programmed long distance trips by one of these methods below:



Support Dunedin Railways on their North Line services