A must read for Train Volunteers


The following documents are of particular importance to OETT members who are volunteers on Dunedin Railways Cruise Ship Train services. You are urged to download and read them.

1st  Document:         Cleaning Bio-Hazard On A Train Procedure

2nd. Document:       Dunedin Railways  Harassment Policy

3rd. Document:       Volunteer Handout. A set of on-train procedures for volunteers.


The first document outlines the procedure that will be  carried out by the Dunedin Railways Staff if there is a norovirus outbreak on the train. You, as a volunteer need to be aware of this. It is unlikely that you will be involved in the "cleanup". However you need to know what has to happen. If you do have any passengers suffering from norovirus you must inform the train staff so they can take action.

Note: to access these documents you must login at the top right hand corner of the screen. If you have not logged on previously please check out our instructions on How  to Login.