Proxy Voting for the AGM






Annual General Meeting-Proxy Voting

(Note Sent to members by email Monday 14th September 2020, published here for any who may have missed the email)

 Dear Members,

 We are aware that there  may be some people expecting to cast proxy votes at the OETT AGM on September 22. If you are wanting to cast a proxy vote on behalf of an absent member the Secretary will need to have:-


  • The name of the casting member plus your membership number,
  • The name of the absent member plus their membership number
  • This needs to be sent to the no later that 5p.m. September 18. This is the registration process.


There will be only verified voting forms given out on the night to the respective people who have registered as proxy voters. Please ensure that you and the people you are expecting to vote for are fully paid up members of the Trust otherwise the vote will not count.


Kind regards

Murray Schofield


Otago Excursion Train Trust