Volunteer's Lunch at the Millhouse, Waianakarua

OETT Volunteers at Waianakarua 22nd May 2019

 On Tuesday 22nd of May Dunedin Railways thanked the OETT volunteers for their sterling work during the Cruise Ship Season 2017/2018.

The Company's appreciation was in the form of a Silver Fern Railcar trip to Waianakarua  and lunch at the Millhouse, Waianakarua

Those wearing high visibility jackets are senior Company Managers  from left:

CEO: Craig Osborne, Toby Mann and Grant Craig.

Photo thanks to Dunedin Railways.


For those interested the photo was taken just by the Railway Crossing looking south on  Waianakarua Road. This road intersects with State Highway 1 a few metres to the right of the photo after it crosses the Railway Line. It is known as the Beach Road north of Kakanui and it is alternative route to Qamaru. It is a nice scenic drive along the North Otago coast.